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An easy board game, accessible for children and entertaining for adults

A game that combines features of Settlers of Catan and Munchkin. You buy companies and set up start-ups in eligible industries, get profit or sell your company if right the moment has come. You may even try to make a corporate raid. Doing all that you have to acquire your business reputation symbolized by the Stars - special game chips - that's how you score your points. 


The game board represents 11 industries (agriculture, telecom, raw materials, etc). Each industry is marked with a die roll number. Each move players throw dices, the roll of the dice denotes an active industry in which players can bid for a company (private or public), start start-ups or sell their companies. Each player who owns a company in the industry marked with the number rolled or in a neighbor industry receives profit. 


There are three decks of cards: options, events and crises. Option cards give additional advantages to a player, event cards hit all the players (negatively or positively) and crisis cards may turn your profit into a loss. 


Main features:


- A unique compound game board. Each time you will have a new game!

- You won't get bored waiting for your turn, each move players interact with each other. 

- Each move you have to make decisions: how to invest in the industry (buy a company or set a start-up), when to increase your financial leverage, sell your company in a crisis industry or increase your share when prices plunge

- Two game modes: a quick game (20 min, good for playing with kids) and a full game (40-60 min).


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