Hello, nice to see you on our website!

Who we are? We, ECONOMICUS GAMES, create and produce board games. Yes, our work is to play board games whole days! Sounds cool, yea? :) 

We started in 2016 with our first game "Economicus", that gave the name to our company. We have successfully produced and distributed our first 3000-copies print run in a few months, and that started our board game publishing business. Now you can find a lot of our games in all the book and boardgame shops over the Russia – all the games are original Russian author's games. Some of them are licensed to foreign countries and languages.

What we do best? Party & family board games with a bit of educational element. Creative and word associations, team work and communication, debates and negotiating, math and economic principles and so on.


Feel free to contact us with any questions: info@economicusgame.com

How we started: "Economicus"
– our first published board game

English trailer of "Economicus" boardgame


English trailer of "Bunker" boardgame

Economicus Games

Moscow, Russia



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