Economicus (Eng) Economicus (Eng)

Economicus (Eng)

5 000 p.
English version on the board game Economicus.
The game is fully translated (the rules, board, cards, tokens), but the box is original (Russian).

In the game you buy companies, create startups, get coins and collect Reputation Stars.

Everything is simple enough, you can even play with children - there are special "quick" rules.

“Full” rules are suitable for more experienced players. The game becomes more complex and strategic and opens new different ways of interaction between players.

Each turn all players take part in the game - they get a profit, bargain for the purchase of companies, create star- tups.

All actions take place around an industry, which turns out to be active in this turn. Industries fall out with different probability - and hence, some companies make profit more often, but some of them are more protected from competi- tion.

A random layout of the playing field makes each new game unique.
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